AktiDec decorative coating


AktiDec is coating made of water based acrylic resin, fillers and special additives.  After appliance and after coating is dry, it gives elastic, water repellent and breathable film.

 AktiDec finds its application as a decorative coating although it has some protective properties and is not a substitute and can not be used as a substitute for protective coatings.

AktiDec is used in the timber industry as a coating for the marking of finished elements, sawn timber and as a coating for soft wood



AktiDec protective coating comes in blue, red, green and old brick shades of colour.

Also we can make special shades of colour according to buyers request, so that every buyer can have unique shade of colour.


Content of the package should be stirred well before usage of AktiDec protective coating.

AktiDec protective coating can be applied on surfaces by brush, roller, spray or dipping. It allready comes ready for appliance,so there is no need to dilute coating. 

When applying , users should pay attention to the ambient temperature and the temperature of the product.  AktiDec protective coating should not be used on temperatures bellow  – 5 ºC, because protective layer will not be made after application of protective coating.

In practice, user should achieve dry film thickness of approximately 200 microns, or 1 kg AktiDec’s enough for 3-5 m² surface to be treated.


AktiDec protective coating should be storred in dry and airy space, at a temperature over 5 °C for up to 24 months.

AktiDec protective coating contains water so it should not be frozen. If the product is frozen, it is not recommended for use after thawing.


Depending on the ordered quantity, delivery can take up to 14 days after the order and payment.