AktiWax emulsion

AktiWax - Wood-protector emulsion have great application in the wood industry for protecting the fronts or cuts of sawn timber and elements from cracking when naturaly dried or kiln dried.

 AktiWax emulsion made on the basis of wax or liquid paraffin and is ideal to protect the fronts or cuts from cracking because 60 minutes after coating, depending on the outside temperature at the head of the wood is created a gelatinous membrane that does not dry out but remains in gelatinous state and an elastic, water repellent, breathable film that prevents cracking. The gelatinous membrane constantly closes caused cracks and prevents further cracking. When drying in a drier emulsion gives great protection results, which is a confirmed by our customers. 

AktiWax founds its usage especially in wood processing companies that work with oak wood and there AktiWax has shown remarkable results as is confirmed by many positive information from satisfied users.

  • bez premaza - without coating - ohne Beschichtung


AktiWax comes as a colorless protective coating but can be ordered in four basic shades suchas blue, red, green and orange. It is also possible according to the user needs and desires to make a  special shade for him.

Advantages of AktiWax protective emulsion:

- Quick and easy application
– Complete protection from cracking especially in the summer for the oak sawn timber
– Clear and transparent warehouse before and after drying, if it is colorless
– During drying in the kiln wax melts and disappears
– After drying, fronts are clean and transparent

Application method:

Content of the package should be stirred well before usage of AktiWax protective coating..

AktiWax protective coating can be applied on surfaces by brush, roller, spray or dipping. It allready comes ready for appliance, so it can’t be diluted with water or any other diluent.

When applying , users should pay attention to the ambient temperature and the temperature of the product.  AktiWax protective coating should not be used on temperatures bellow  – 5 ºC, because protective layer will not be made after application of protective coating.

Depending on the outside temperature, protective layer will form after 60 minutes or more.


AktiWax protective coating should be storred in dry and airy space, at a temperature over 5 °C for up to 24 months.

AktiWax protective coating contains should not be frozen. If the product is frozen, it is not recommended for use after thawing.


Depending on the ordered quantity, delivery can take up to 14 days after the order and payment.